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helping children

All kids have dreams.
Some just need a little help making them come true.

Our fraternal organization could have no greater mission than helping children who need medical care. These life altering medical procedures are provided regardless of the families' ability to pay. Our fraternity's pledge is to help all those who are brought to our medical facilities. "No man ever stands so tall as when he bends down to help a child."

Shriners all over North America have many events in their respective temples, participate in parades all over this great republic of ours...Shriners know how to have fun and bring smiles and joy to those lining the parade routs. They spread the great feelings one receives from the noble effort of helping some child who needs the care we provide. The happiness you see on a Shriners face emanates from his heart because he knows the important medical services Shriner's Hospitals provide.

Shriners have many activities to raise funds that help support the many hospitals and burns institutes throughout our great nation. During these difficult economic times we have pledged to never lessen or interrupt the medical procedures we provide to the children needing our medical treatment. One key work in this last statement was "provide" and we feel at this time reaching out to the many Shriners and friends of the Shrine is one way we can insure our pledge is honored. Please consider helping our great fraternity by "giving" of your resources, in any amount, that the children can get the medical expertise they need.

These children we help are in the situation through no fault of their own except in some of the Burns cases. Regardless of how the children found themselves needing help we have elected to provide that help. Learned men and women say great societies of people are judged on their greatness by the manner in which they take care of the elderly and the children in their society.